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The National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U) is committed to the production and dissemination of quality Information Technology statistics. Specifically, indicators are required for monitoring the progress towards achieving the goals for the National Development Plan, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals among others. 

This Statistical Abstract is NITA-U’s major annual publication through which NITA-U disseminates key statistical information derived from the Authority’s operations and administrative records of other agencies that are involved in the production of Information Technology statistics and International ICT publications. The information is critical in tracking progress, implementation, decision-making as well as ICT service delivery.

The information presented in this 2022 NITA-U Statistical Abstract covers statistics on Uganda’s ICT rankings on the global scale, ICT performance in the economy, Internet and Telephony, E-waste, NITA-U Operations and Human Resources. Information is presented either based on a calendar year (January-December) or financial year (June-July) structure, depending on availability of data. Copies of this publication are available on the NITA-U’s website: is my sincere hope that the statistical information in this publication will be used by all stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Dr. Hatwib Mugasa

Executive Director

Statistics file Attachment