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Data Centre services

Primary & secondary Data centre Services

The National Data center

In 2012, Cabinet approved the Strategy for Rationalization of Information Technology (IT) Services; with five Strategies, whose objective, among others is to; standardize, streamline and harmonize the acquisition, deployment and disposal of IT services in Government to eliminate duplication; enhance information sharing and interoperability of e-government applications.

 In view of this, the Government of Uganda invested in a National Data Centre with a view of centralizing government data centres and minimize the cost of building various Data Centre in MDAs. The National Data Centre is fully equipped with state of the art technology which is utilised for Centralized hosting Services, Disaster Recovery Services and other Data Centre Services for Government Applications & Data.

Currently, NITA-U is providing Data Centre Services which include;

  • Platform As A Service(PAAS)
  • Infrastructure As A Service(IAAS),
  • Software As A Service (SAAS).
  • Disaster Recovery AS A Service and Backup AS A Service (BAAS).  

 The Ministries, Departments & Agencies enrolled into the data center have the following benefits.

 Hi-Tech Security

  • Multiple layers of hardened physical security.
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance
  • Instant SMS Alerts to predefined personnel
  • Biometric access and code protected entry
  • Access to data centre only by designated and authorized staff
  • Fire proof door
  • 24x7x365 security presence
  • Visitors required to sign-in/sign-out, have photo ID and must be escorted by data centre personnel at all times

Fully Redundant, Data Grade Power and Air Conditioning at Data Centre

  • Direct AC power 220 - 240V
  • Two generators one with 200KVA backup and the other 250KVA backup
  • Two UPS systems (60 Kva and 60 Kva redundant)
  • Fully redundant precision-controlled air conditioned environment.

 NITA Data Centre Ltd Managed Services

  • Monitoring of Virtualized infrastructure to host production site for applications and databases
  • Provision of required infrastructure to host production site such as CPU, RAM and storage.
  • Provision of required platform to host production site such as Windows and Linux

Dedicated Infrastructure 

  • Dedicated Virtual Servers with required specifications
  • Dedicated Virtualized storage system for the Clients Data.
  • Dedicated Windows based platform for the Client’s requirements. 

Data Recovery Site equipment - Storage for Replication of Data & Application Servers

  •  All the data from Primary site i.e. from NITA-Data center is maintained solely by the client and NITA-U does not interfere in any installations of software or any functionality regarding clients’ Data.
  • The client provides all the equipment for connectivity of Primary site as well as Data Recovery site. (In case of any replication to happen between both the sites

Our Clients Responsibility

  • Provide appropriate information to NITA-U team regarding system
  • Configuration for all the servers at head office (In case of replication between both the sites)

Data Security Measures

  •  Database and application servers are password protected by the customer
  • Client provides NITA-U Data Centre with full details of their officials authorized to get access to the DR Site.
  • Client may decide to change the authorities from time to time, but fully at customer’s discretion. It is responsibility of the Client to keep NITA-U updated of any such change
  • The client maintains the schedule of checking their application on a regular basis as NITA-U will not be responsible for application functionality
  • NITA-U is responsible for providing necessary hardware and software for PaaS only and any other additional software’s are accommodated by the client