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Core Values


NITA-U values honesty and does not tolerate corruption and unethical behaviour in all its forms and manifestations. Accountability and transparency are the core principles to demonstrate integrity.


NITA-U believes in the ability to seek new ways of doing things efficiently to deliver value to our customers. We strive for technological advancement in relation to global IT trends and becoming a national premier IT organization.

Team work:

NITA-U recognizes the value of working in teams with mutual respect to customers and recognition of individual efforts, opinions and perceptions which will together contribute to excellent results.

Customer Centricity:

Satisfied customers and clients are essential to NITA-U’s success. NITA-U achieves customer satisfaction by understanding what the customer wants and delivering it flawlessly.


Quality and continuous improvement of IT is our work. NITA-U promotes excellent services delivery within the limits of available resources.