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Data Protection and Privacy

As Uganda moves in to the e-government era, there is need to secure transfer of information for citizens, public and private sectors. NITA-U had put in place the Information security framework to provide Government with the necessary process, policies, standards and guideline to help in Information Assurance.

Furthermore NITA through various stakeholders has operationalized the National Information Security Advisory Group (NISAG) to advice on Information Security Governance, Risk Remediation Planning and Response.
Incident Monitoring and management

With the rampant cybercrimes, the National CERT has been established to serve the government of a Uganda by helping to protect the critical information infrastructure. The National CERT plays a key role in coordinating incident management with the relevant stakeholders at national level.  You can report an incident on
Report Abuse

NITA-U in collaboration with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) put in place the ‘Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Page’-OSCARP  an online mechanism where citizens in Uganda can report online child sexual abuse material. The portal will be able to support tracing and take down of harmful content, rescue of victims as well as assist in investigations to prosecute cyber criminals.



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