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Business Process Outsourcing - IT Enabled Services

The ITES-BPO Framework and Roadmap for Uganda. Uganda has developed a robust ITES-BPO framework that comprises of three key elements – The Governance Group, the Implementation Roadmap and the Monitoring and Evaluation framework as described in the figure below.


BPO/ITES Programme Implementation Update

Establishment of a 240-seater BPO Incubation Centre on the 4th floor of Statistics House in Kampala. It is currently being run by a private sector company, Techno Brain Uganda Limited, employing a total of 240 agents. Indirect employment has also been created in the various sectors of the economy e.g. through provision of food, security, transport, cleaning services, accommodation, etc.

A total of 500 graduates were trained in BPO; some of them have been absorbed in the BPO/ITES Sector. Some of these have now been promoted as supervisors, replacing foreign nationals who were employed at the start of operations at the Incubation Centre.

NITA facilitated the creation of the Uganda BPO Association which currently has 48 registered companies, employing over 4000 Ugandans. Employment in the sector grew by about 30% over the last one year.

NITA-U partnered with the Uganda BPO Association to organize regional BPO conference and exhibition in Uganda in September 2012 and September 2013. This year’s conference was covered widely by both electronic and print media. The Conference will be an annual event for promoting the BPO/ITES sector in Uganda.

Partnership with Internet Now Project at Gulu University, funded by Oxfam, which is currently employing about 210 agents in Northern Uganda. This is an indication that BPO can thrive outside Kampala.

BPO pilot training was successfully conducted from March to April 2013 under the Joint protocol between the Government of Uganda and Arab Republic of Egypt. This will be followed by the training of trainers of at least 25 instructors this FY. It will be facilitated by the Egyptian Government;

Egyptian Experts conducted an In-house training for NITA staff in November 2013 for management of the BPO ToT Programme;

NITA provided technical support to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and the Uganda Child Rights Network NGO (UCRNN) towards the procurement of a Child Helpline System that has been set up at the BPO Incubation Centre. This is a call centre system for the protection of vulnerable children from abuse and neglect.

The BPO/ITES Strategy and Model for Uganda has been reviewed and updated;

Incentives Guidelines for supporting the BPO/ITES industry has been developed;

BPO Standards, Regulations and Accreditation Guidelines has been developed;

For More Infomation visit the Uganda BPO website.