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Hon.Ayebare Margaret Rwebyambu -officialy commissions a Solar Powered Data Transmission Site in Mbarara City

Hon.Ayebare Margaret Rwebyambu - Woman member of Parliament representing Mbarara district,officialy commissions a Solar Powered Data Transmission Site in Mbarara City.The region has 6 of these installations that relay high speed internet across the region..

Sim4Life-Mbarara University of Science and Technology connectivity to National Backbone and using internet

Sim4Life is a healthcare  simulation space at Mbarara University designed to provide immersive learning experiences for learners and industry professionals and all this success is due to fully connectivity to the National Backbone under the RCIP-Worldbank Funding.


Hon. Nelson Nshangabasheija commissions one of the 3 Greened data transmission sites in Kigezi sub-region

Hon. Nelson Nshangabasheija - Chairperson LC5 Kabale District represented Dr. Chris Baryomunsi Minister of ICT & National Guidance at the commissioning the Kigezi regional communication program in Kabale #📍Kigezi Sub-Region, and thanked NITA-U for connecting Uganda

Kabale University's Story on the NBI Connectivity....#Digitize Kigezi Sub-Region

Johns the Director ICT Kabale University notes that internet connectivity extended to the University has improved research and publications, currently Kabale University ranks 9th on this score


NBI Connectivity at Katuna one stop border post (Uganda-Rwanda)

Did you know that Ultra high speed broadband internet at the Katuna one stop border post was installed by
NITA-U  through Regional communication infrastructure program #DigitizeUg!!!!

Hon. Kabbyanga Godfrey Baluku commissions the Data Transmission Site in Rwenzori Sub-Region.#RCIP Commissioning
Hon Kabbyanga Godfrey Baluku - As part of Govt's deliberate effort to train & empower youth, internet was extended to Kasese Youth Polytechnic(KYP) started as a Presidential pledge to make vocational skills reach youth, women & vulnerable people to make them employable. #DigitizeUg 📍 Rwenzori Sub-Region #RCIP Commissioning
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