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The National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U) is charged with a number of roles among which is the role to;

  1. set, monitor and regulate standards for information technology planning, acquisition, implementation, delivery, support, organization, sustenance, disposal, risk management, data protection, security and contingency planning;
  2. regulate and enforce standards for information technology hardware and software equipment procurement in all government ministries, departments, agencies and parastatals; and
  3. protect and promote the interests of consumers or users of information technology services or solutions.

 NITA-U has developed a Standards Catalogue that contains a complete list of NITA-U standards available in the standards library. These standards have been developed through consensus by industry, consumers, government departments, research organizations, universities and private institutions.

The standards are classified according to broad subject areas for easy retrieval. The Catalogue is a living document and shall undergo regular updating whenever new standards are developed or existing standards are withdrawn or whenever need arises.

Attachment for Guidelines & IT Standard