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Uganda’sDigital Transformation improves the as per World Bank`s Govtech Index Maturity Report 2022

On 16th November the World Bank released the GovTech Maturity Index (GMTI) 2022. The index reflects trends in the Public Sector Digital Transformation in 198 Global Economies.

The GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI) measures the key aspects of four GovTech focus areas-supporting core government systems, enhancing service delivery, mainstreaming citizen engagement, and fostering GovTech enablers and assists practitioners in the design of new digital transformation projects.

The World Bank`s GovTech approach represents the current frontier of government digital transformation which focuses on 4 areas; Core Government Systems, Public Service Delivery, Citizen Engagement and GovTech Enablers.

 In the GovTech maturity index 2022 Report, Uganda’s GovTech Maturity index value has risen from 0.639 in 2020 to 0.858 in 2022. Uganda has moved from Group B to Group A – the GovTech Leaders.

For more details, please read full Press Release below.