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In the Budget Execution Circular for FY2016/17 dated 29th June 2016 and Ref: BPD86/107/02 the Permanent Secretary/Secretary for Treasury (PS/ST) in Section E, 18 (ii) instructed that all Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services including Internet Bandwidth and licensing applications, among others must be sourced with the approval of NITA-U.

And that Internet Bandwidth will be provisioned through the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure (NBI) in line with the rationalization and harmonization of Information Technology (IT) services in Ministries, Department Agencies that was approved by Cabinet on 18th July 2012.

In the same Circular, NITA-U was instructed in Section E, 18 (vi) (b) to rationalize and optimize all existing IT systems, applications and infrastructure in Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Local Governments (LGs) with a focus to reducing costs of maintenance and support for these IT systems.


 In order to implement the above guidance provided by the PS/ST, each Ministry, Department and Agency (MDA) and Local Government (LG) in the process of procuring any ICT Product/Service/System/Application/Infrastructure is required to fill in the attached FORM N7 and submit to NITA-U for approval.

 Access and download the FORM N7.

 The MDA/LG will submit the completed Form to NITA-U either in soft or hard Copy.

 The hard copy will be submitted to the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

 The soft copy of the Form shall be submitted to this E-Mail:

 Once the details on the Form has been verified by NITA-U, feedback will be provided to the  

MDA/LG within a period of Seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the completed Form. 


The commonly used shared ICT Goods, Products and Services in Government can be found at the URL below:

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