eGoverment services

E-Government enables citizens, enterprises and organization’s to carry out their business with government more easily, more quickly and at lower cost.

Government of Uganda, is constantly exploring ways of becoming more efficient so as to make it as easy as possible for the citizenry to access eGovernment services, taking services online is one of these innovative ways.

eCitizen Portal

The eCitizen portal is an initiative of (NITA-U). It is a one-stop online center for Government online services. The portal is systematically structured to offer seamless navigation and quick access to all the services. It allows one to access services such as eTax, Business registration, trading license registration and social security statements among others. The vision is to get to the point where every government service can be accessed on it. To date, 74 MDA informational and transactional services may be accessed through this portal.


uConnect is a Mobile Service Delivery Gateway (MSDG) for the Government of Uganda, with the main aim of facilitating affordable, efficient communication and e-service delivery to Citizens by all Government Entities. The uConnect platform enables government entities to push/pull SMS notifications to citizens through an SMS Gateway, deploy USSD services, Interactive Voice Response Systems, Voice Broadcasts and Location Based Services. You can access more details here.

Electronic Government Procurement:

This is a web-based system that covers the full procurement lifecycle, all procurement modalities, and keeps a record and audit trail of all procurement activities. This will ease & automate the government procurement process.

Government ePayment Gateway:

This a Government e-Payment gateway that will facilitate electronic payments for Government services in a bid to make service delivery more efficient and responsive to the needs of the citizens and as well promote online business. The Government agenda is to move to a cashless and chequeless economy in the Medium term.

Unified Messaging and Collaboration System:

This system will provide Email, Voice, Video, Social and Instant Messaging services to government offices. This will promote collaboration among Government Departments and Local Governments. This is intended to enhance communication and collaboration among Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Local Governments countrywide; thereby improving service delivery through Office Automation and Centralized Data Access, Enhanced Data Security, Single User Identity for all Government Employees, Infrastructure Optimization, among others.

Government SMS Gateway:

The Government SMS Gateway will allow government entities to push SMS notifications to citizens through its various e-services and applications. This will allow for a rich online experience.

Electronic Voucher (eVoucher):

Already being piloted in Kalungu, Iganga, Ntungamo and Amuru, the eVoucher provides farmers in the specific cluster with subsidized farm inputs, improved agricultural infrastructure, post-harvest handling technologies and competitive price for inputs and outputs.