Capacity Development and Skilling

It is in NITA-U’s interest that IT skills in the country are improved to support the many ICT programs government is setting up and also having the capacity in the new global technology era.

NITA –U has signed memorandum of understanding with National Council of Higher Education and Ministry of Education and Sports to ensure ICT is embedded in the national curriculum and that IT education regulations are adhered to.

Training programs will vary based on the need from the Government entity but some examples of the trainings that NITA-U is able to carry out include;

     i.        Management of Active Directory Services

     ii.        Cyber Laws , Cyber Crime and Security

     iii.        Website and social media management

     iv.        Microsoft Office Suite (Office 2013, Lync/Skype for Business 2013)

      v.        Communication and online content management (Training for the blind and deaf is inclusive)