National IT Project Management Methodology

The National Information Technology Authority –Uganda (NITA-U) is mandated to provide advice on IT project management services to government. In order to execute this function, NITA-U undertook an e-Government Readiness Survey in December 2012 and other mini surveys, in which MDAs participated.  One of the objectives of those surveys was to understand how project management of IT projects was undertaken in Government organizations.  The results indicated that each Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) had their own way of managing IT projects.  Some had a methodology (but not documented) they were following while others didn’t have any formal approach.

Subsequently, NITA-U embarked on an initiative to develop a National IT Project Management Methodology that can guide the implementation of Government IT projects and or programmes in MDAs; and drafts have been developed.  The developed draft methodology describes project management best practices, the project lifecycle, guidelines and controls for successful management of IT projects in government.  The draft project management methodology tool kit below consists of three categories namely: the Main document (National IT Project Management Methodology), Support Guides and Templates.

It is recommended that all reviewers of this methodology should first review the main document and then the support guides and templates.

These documents are still drafts and comments are sought to improve them.  Comments and clarifications should be forwarded to Mr. Abdul Nsubuga, PMP. Programme Manager, at NITA-U; Tel +256 417 801 033, email

A validation workshop was held on the 27th June, 2013.