Guidelines for Operation, Usage and Management of IT Infrastructure in MDAs & Local Government

This document is developed to guide government Ministries, Departments, Agencies (MDAs/LGs)/Local Government in adoption of common standards in order to promote good practices in the Government-wide use of Information Technology (IT).

This document presumes the reader has some familiarity with basic IT and Internet terminology, development and design. It summarizes key aspects of IT issues and is intended to act as a ready reference guide.
This document has four (5) main sections:

  1. Operation of IT equipment.
  2. Management and Usage of IT Infrastructure.
  3. IT Equipment and Software Management Guidelines.
  4. Maintenance and Repair of IT equipment.
  5. Human Capacity development.

The use of these guidelines shall help to ensure that the use of IT infrastructure across government in the delivery of IT services is done to a consistently high standard. This shall lead to increased confidence and rapid uptake in the use of IT and the Internet within Government as well as increased customer satisfaction in government services delivery.

As stipulated in the NITA-U Act 2009; Objects of Authority; Section 4(b); one of the core objective of NITA-U is “To promote standardization in the planning, acquisition, implementation, delivery, support and maintenance of information technology equipment and services, to ensure uniformity in quality, adequacy and reliability of information technology usage throughout Uganda.”