What are the benefits of certification?

The benefits of certification include the following:

  1. Certification helps to win client/consumer confidence translating to higher or increased market share.
  2. Certification helps to create a better image for a country’s products, services and institutions. In addition certified professionals are better recognized both locally and internationally.
  3. Certification helps to protect the image and reputation of the manufacturer of products.
  4. The certification scheme helps to provide a means of technically auditing products, services and process control procedures hence tightening technical regulation of the I.T sector while at the same time ensuring value for money.
  5. It provides protection from unfair competition hence promoting fair trade practices which are favourable for foreign direct investment.
  6. Certification provides a step by step learning process for companies and individuals which leads to growth in efficiency, professionalism and quality assurance all of which lead to the sustainable growth of the IT sector.
  7. Certification promotes the implementation of industry best practices hence ensuring health, safety and protection of the environment.