The NITA-U Strategic Plan 2018-2023 provides a paradigm shift in the way NITA-U will provide services to Government. Satisfaction of the NITA-U customer who is an MDA/LGs/Government service delivery unit or citizen comes first and everything else is driven towards that goal. The process of delivering value to the customer has been clearly defined and the right resources have been aligned through the IT Service Delivery Model.

The Strategy has been informed by stakeholder expectations of NITA-U over the next five years, the need to contribute to attainment of the National development priorities in Uganda’s vision 2040 as well as emerging issues within the ICT global arena. To this end, the new strategic agenda focuses on three strategic pillars for the next five years i.e. Service delivery excellence, Operational excellence and relationship excellence.

Twelve strategic objectives will be pursued across the three priority areas resulting in a number of outcomes such as a complete transformation in public service delivery, increased access to ICT by all regions especially the underserved regions, reduction in the cost of internet bandwidth and Government savings through rationalization of ICT services.

To be successful, implementation of the plan will require ownership by all, effective annual planning and commitment of resources. Monitoring and reporting on progress will be done through quarterly reports and annual performance reports to NITA-U Management and Board. Regular staff and stakeholder engagements are envisaged to ensure effective feedback.