Certification Framework for Information Technology Service Providers and Information Technology Training Institutions



National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) was established by the Act of Parliament (National Information Technology Authority, Uganda Act of 2009) and was operationalized in 2010. The authority was charged with an overall mandate to coordinate, promote and monitor the development of Information Technology (IT) in the context of social and economic development of Uganda.



Among the main functions of the authority section 5(f) of the NITA-U Act 2009 mandates NITA-U “To set, monitor, regulate and enforce standards for Information Technology hardware & software planning, acquisition, implementation, delivery, support, organization, sustenance, disposal, risk management, data protection, security and contingency planning”.


Section 5(i) of the NITA-U Act 2009 in addition states that ‘in liaison with other relevant institutions to regulate the information technology profession in Uganda in order to ensure its effective utilisation promotion and development’.


Furthermore section 5(j) of the NITA-U Act 2009 mandates NITA-U to act as an authentication centre for IT training in Uganda in conjunction with the Ministry responsible for Education. In addition to that, the Powers of Authority Section 6(d) empowers NITA-U to regulate and Certify IT Education in Uganda in consultation with the Ministry responsible for education and its agencies.


NITA-U shall in performing its functions, consult and cooperate with other Institutions/organizations with functions related to, or having aims or objectives related to Accreditation and Certification. Section 32(2) of the NITA-U Act 2009 (Relationship with other Organization) mandates NITA-U to delegate any of its functions under the Act to any organization. Therefore in implementing the Certification Framework NITA-U shall accredit Certification Bodies to act on its behalf.


It is with this back ground that the Certification Framework has been developed.