What you need to know about the FREE WIFI Service # MYUG


1.    Will NITA-U cover other highly residential areas?


Yes. We will share our plans as we roll out the service.
2.    What locations/areas will be covered in the initial rollout?


The initial Phase will cover mainly Kampala CBD and parts of Entebbe including; Bugolobi Flats, Middle East, Village Mall, MUBS, UMA, Lugogo Cricket Oval, Kololo Airstrip, Kisementi, Bombo Road, Buganda Road, Kampala Road, Ben Kiwanuka Street, Johnstone Street, Luwum Street and Kololo Airstrip.


More information is available on all NITA-U social media platforms.


3.    Why only between 6:00pm and 6:00am during weekdays and 3pm – 6am during weekends [Saturday to Monday]?


NITA-U is making use of the idle Internet Bandwidth in Government offices during these hours and making it available free of charge to the public in surrounding areas.
4.    Why the start in Kampala CBD and some areas in Entebbe where there are fewer users at that time period?


We are rolling out the service based on our current footprint of the national backbone. More areas will be connected within the next Financial Year


5.    Isn’t NITA-U competing with ISPs who are operating in the similar space?

The provision of services is the primary responsibility of Government complimented by the private sector for various reasons. If you take the health sector as an example, you cannot say Mulago is competing with IHK, rather that they complement each other.
6.    How have the security concerns been addressed?


As NITA-U, we implemented industry standard security controls and measures in order to provide a safe and secure service 


7.    What speed can the internet users expect?


We shall be achieving maximum speeds up to 2mbps. Free Wi-Fi is a best-effort service intended to give basic access to the internet.


8.    How reliable is the internet connection?


We intend to offer reliable service of up to 99.7% availability


9.    What is the capacity of the Backbone Infrastructure to support the Free Wi-Fi initiative?


The NBI is reliable and has redundancy therefore will meet Wi-Fi needs 100%


10.    What plans are in place to enhance equitable access across the country?


We are extending the National Backbone Infrastructure to cover the entire country. Priority is being placed on Universities, Schools, Hospitals and Local Governments
11.    Where can I get help and additional information?


Users may get help from myug@nita.go.ug and additional information can be found on the NITA-U social media platforms.


12.    Why do I need to register my details?


Registration is necessary for identification and authentication of all users before they can access the service. Collection of user information will also aid with trends analysis, provision of additional services and special offers, registration for use, authorizations and alike.


13.    What are the terms and conditions of using Wi-Fi hotspot?


Please refer to the terms and conditions in the login page


14.    Is there a time limit on how long I can stay connected to the free Wi-Fi hotspot?


In order to enhance user experience on the Wi-Fi, various timeouts have been put in place.

a.    Redundant sessions will be time out after 30 minutes
b.    Idle time is 5 minutes
c.    Cookie time 1 day [after user sign in, the session is stored in the system for a day from the time of login in]


15.    Is there a download limit on how much data I can suck down whilst using the free Wi-Fi hotspot?


Please refer to the terms and conditions in the login page


16.    What are the restrictions on content accessed using the Wi-Fi service?


Users will be able to freely access the Internet however; access to the content/websites below will be blocked;


a.    Pornographic websites
b.    Terrorist/Violence inciting websites
c.    Bit Torrents sites

17.    How where the sites selected?


This service is for the public of Uganda and for the betterment of lives. Selection of the sites was determined by the various drivers below;
a.    Shopping Mall and Markets 
b.    National Monuments
c.    Educational/ Tertiary Institutions
d.    Medical Facilities
e.    Tourist Attractions
f.    Religious Centres
g.    Sports Centres
h.    National Art & Cultural Centres
i.    Gender Targeted Institutions
j.    Locations with high foot traffic between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm and over weekends